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Floriani 30 Shades of Fall

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Floriani 30 Shades of Fall Thread Collection

When this special Floriani Thread Set is purchased during our Fall Promotion, we will send you this beautiful Fall Design Set, Shades of Fall, FREE!!!! Exclusive to this offer and to these threads, these amazing designs cannot be purchased separately.

Total Retail Value with Design Set is $270, on sale for only $99.99! While they last!

This set contains the following colors:
PF2015 PF283 PF237 PF214 PF210
PF423 PF1609 PF199 PF195 PF1122
PF194 PF192 PF769 PF796 PF738
PF794 PF767 PF765 PF715 PF785
PF784 PF711 PF752 PF4 PF564
PF562 PF561 PF526 PF503 PF502