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HoopScissors from HoopSisters

size: full size

Price:  $ 27.50 
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size: mini size

Price:  $ 25.00 
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HOOPSCISSORS have been designed specifically for use with EmbroidaBlocks. The offset handle makes trimming in the hoop easier than ever. The flat blade makes fabric cutting quick and easy and the point helps you trim close to the stitching when necessary. Great for use with any machine applique or HoopSisters project. Comes packaged in vinyl pouch.

Mini Size

HoopScissors Mini is a smaller size than the original HoopScissor which makes it perfect for hard to reach areas! With HoopScissors Mini you can trim closer with thinner blades and they are PERFECT for applique! Offset handle and pointy blade make it easy to reach down in the hoop. 

A mini 4 inches long.