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Florianai Power Mesh Fusible - ONYX

Power Mesh Fusible - Onxy: FPMONF1210 12 X10YDS

Price:  $ 39.99 
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Power Mesh Fusible - Onxy: FPMONF1510 15 X10YDS

Price:  $ 48.99 
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Power Mesh Fusible - Onxy: FPMONF2010 20 X10YDS

Price:  $ 62.99 
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Floriani Power Mesh Fusible Cutaway


Use this powerful yet sheer fusible cutaway when embroidering on unstable/stretch fabrics. Ideal for light colored knits or stretch fabrics to prevent “show through” of the stabilizer. Floriani Power Mesh Fusible is very soft, making it ideal for children’s clothing, golf shirts, moisture wicking fabric or light T-shirts. The unique “temporary” fusible adhesive prevents stretching of the fabric/garment during the hooping and stitching process. This helps to create flawless embroidery.

Colors Available: Natural, Onyx, and Nude